Local Worm Infestation | A Schmidt Services Article

As you may already know a local landscape company has sounded the alarm concerning a worm like pest on the Palo Verdes in the mid to east valley. The Riverside County Department of Agriculture (Indio office) sent samples of the larvae to Sacramento for identification. Keith Selnick, an investigator for Riverside County Ag, informed me that the worm was identified as a moth larva in the Noctuidae family. To pin point the exact genera and species an adult moth would be needed. Click here to continue...

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Turf Management  | A Vintage Landscape Article

Summer in the Coachella Valley has become a challenging time for landscape turf managers. As more people are living here year round, expectations of summer turf quality have increased significantly... Click here to continue

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Queen Palm Problems  | A Tree Rite Article

In the last few years we have experienced a valley wide decline in the health and vigor of Queen Palms. From our observations, we believe this decline is due to... Click to continue

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